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  • How would you describe your videos?
    I like to think of my work as a very hands-off cinematic style. I want to be able to get the shots of your special day without feeling like I am running the show or forcing things to happen. I like to let things happen naturally in order to present your day as authentic as possible!
  • I don't see any hours listed, how does that work?"
    I am available the entire day of your wedding! Since each day is unique and have different schedules, I will work with you when we get closer to your date on setting an arrival time that works best for your day. Regardless of when we schedule my arrival, you can plan on seeing me until after your grand exit!
  • Is it just you, or do you have another videographer?"
    It is just me! Sometimes if you book a Ceremony Video, my wonderful wife will tag along to assist me. However, most of the time it will only be myself and however many photographers you have booked.
  • How long will it take to get my video?
    I pride myself on having a slightly quicker turnaround time than some others in the industry. While your Teaser Video will always be delivered within two days of your event, the Cinematic Recap generally can be delivered within 4-6 weeks after your event. It is fully dependent on my schedule, however you can feel confident knowing your video gets 100% of my attention while it is being worked on! If you ever want updates on where your video is in the process, you can reach out to me at any time.
  • How long are your videos?
    Each of my videos are unique in length, just like each day is unique! I generally like to use two songs for my work that represent your day, which on average is anywhere from 5 to 7 minutes in length. However if you include outside audio such as speeches or letter reading, that can sometimes add to the overall length.
  • Can you include special audio?
    Yes! Most of my work doesn't include any spoken audio, but this does not mean I can't include it! If you have a special piece of your day you would like featured in your video, please let me know. This can be any speeches, vows or letters you might have that I will capture in a high quality audio format that can be used in your Cinematic Recap. If you would like those pieces recorded but not used, I can include them seperately for download with your final items upon request.
  • Can I pick the music for my video?
    Absolutely! I have access to licensing through Musicbed, which has thousands of songs to choose from. Anything you find there, I can use. I can also use any copyright music that you would like as well, although I have to forwarn you about posting to social media. Some of the social media sites will restrict this music (Facebook especially) if you post the video file instead of the link. I would always suggest using the Vimeo link I provide in order to share with friends and family, in order to avoid any copyright muting from their end. If you do not select music for your project, that is okay! I do my best to select songs that I think will match the theme and footage of your day!
  • How will I recieve my video?
    You will first recieve a private Vimeo link to review your video and discuss any changes you'd like with me. Once you give me full approval on it, I will change that link to a public one and you will be able to share it anywhere you would like! That link never expires, and you will also recieve a download link to save directly to your phone. There is no limit on downloads or devices either.
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